Innovative robot welding system for a wide variety of parts

  • Klant
  • Scheppach Fabrikation von Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH


  • Wide production range: from workpieces the size of an A4 sheet of paper and weighing just a few kg to components with a length of 2 m and a mass of 150 kg
  • Material thicknesses from 1.0 to 15 mm
  • Highest requirements on product quality due to the position of many visible weld seams


  • Fully-automatic robotic welding system with the highest quality and flexibility standards
  • Maximum precision and reliability achieved using the MOTOMAN MA1900 welding robot
  • Optimal welding position thanks to inverted installation and gantry system with a length of three meters
  • Highest seam quality and maximum availability thanks to superior wire feed system and integrated cable routing
  • 2-station positioner from the RWV2 series enables division of the system into a welding area and a loading area with an infinitely rotating rotational axis on each side of the table


  • Basis for cost-effective and competitive production
  • Maximum flexibility allows coverage of the entire Scheppach production range
  • Perfect welding results
  • User-friendly operation thanks to easy programming and utmost reliability