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YASKAWA offers university and technical college students practical training and final thesis work experience as well as student trainee tasks in different technical or industrial fields.

Student practical training

Your studies provide you with the initial theoretical knowledge for your future career. On the other hand, at YASKAWA we can provide you with practical experience in your field. As a student apprentice, you will work with one of our teams over an extended period of time. This will give you a good feel for your future professional life.








  • Successful completion of the basic course of studies (pre-university work placement excluded)
  • Enrolled as a student at a technical college or university during the entire training period
  • Excellent command of German and English
  • A self-starter and quick learner

If you are interested in a practical training position at YASKAWA, please fill out the general application as soon as possible using ouronline portal and indicate the area that you wish to learn more about. You can call the Human Resources department first to learn more about any open positions.

Final thesis work

Are you finishing up your studies and wish to do practical work for your final thesis? YASKAWA offers the perfect environment for such work. We provide you with technical and personal guidance throughout the entire work period.





Perhaps you have already defined a topic for your final thesis and are thinking that it would be a good fit with our company.

Then send us your speculative application now via ouronline portal. You can call the Human Resources department first, and our staff will help you find the right contact in the department related to your field.

Student trainee positions

Would you like to earn money and learn more about YASKAWA while still working toward your degree? Then send us your application now.

General requirements:

  • Student enrolled in a technical college or university
  • Independent, responsible work style
  • Highly committed and quick learner
  • Excellent ability to work in a team



As a student trainee, you are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours a week during regular work hours while your university or college is in session. When the university or college is not in session, you may work more than 20 hours. You can coordinate your work schedule with YASKAWA.

Remuneration for student trainee work shall be according to what is customary in the particular market.

You can view all open student trainee positions in ourjob vacancy database.

Having trouble finding the right job?

Then simply fill out a general application.

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If you have questions about your application or about job vacancies,
we would be happy to assist you personally.

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